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WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOL!The Laboratory Charter School of Communication and Languages is a K-8 school located in Philadelphia. We have three campuses: two in West Philadelphia and one in Northern Liberties. The addresses for these locations are listed below.
5339 Lebanon Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131
5901 Woodbine Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131 (Administrative Office)
800 North Orianna Street, Philadelphia, PA 19123

Dear Laboratory Families, I am so happy to offer Unlocking the Literacy Code to our school community. This program is designed to prepare and improve the reading readiness of 4 year old siblings who will soon attend Laboratory Charter School. Please read the important information below and take the first step towards building a new reader in your family!  Sincerely, Stacey Cruise, CEO 
Unlocking the Literacy Code
Unlocking the Learning Code (UTLC), a Philadelphia-based tutoring company, will be running a reading readiness program for 4-year-old children to prepare them to read upon entrance into kindergarten. The program, Unlocking the Literacy Code, is a research-based program which focuses on early literacy skills that have been proven to provide children with the foundational skills necessary for early reading. The program consists of a two parts: an early literacy instructional program for childrenand a caregiver workshop for parents. The instructional program is designed to be child-centered and to provide rich, hands-on, engaging opportunities for children to explore the 3 core skills of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, and shared-reading.
1.      Phonemic awareness: During this stage of the program, children will practice listening to and manipulating sounds in spoken language. This skill assists them with hearing the sounds in words, which is one of the key skills for reading.
2.      Phonics:The phonics component of the program builds on the knowledge of sounds in spoken words, and teaches them to apply this sound knowledge to letters. This process enables them to begin the process of decoding unrecognizable words in reading.
3.      Shared-reading: Finally, during shared-reading, children will be exposed to the basic structures of stories. They will learn that stories have a beginning, middle, and end. Shared-reading will also provide children with an opportunity to expand their language abilities, another skill essential for early reading.
Additionally, parents of children in the program will be required to participate in a 1 session Caregiver Workshop. This workshop will focus on the latest trends in early literacy development, and parents will be introduced to various techniques they can use in the home environment to help their child develop age-appropriate literacy skills.
Benefits of the Program
·         Each child will receive a reading assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses in literacy skills, and to detect any barriers which may interfere with the normal development of reading.
·         Through the process of shared reading and other activities, children will develop an ability to verbally explain, elaborate and make meaningful connections through the use of language.
·         Children will learn to match the names of letters with their sounds and practice manipulating both letters and sounds to decode unrecognizable words in print.
·         They will also be introduced to a basic story design, a powerful tool that helps them understand the flow and organization of written stories.
·         Parents will receive training in Dialogical Reading, a research-based method that increases verbal and intellectual engagement in children.
·         Parents will learn how to create more literacy enriching environments to enhance their child’s ability to develop age-appropriate literacy skills.
·         Parents will have an opportunity to discuss areas of concern with highly trained professionals in reading.
The instructional program will begin on October 1, 2016 and will start promptly at 9am and end at noon. The Caregiver Workshop will be for one session and take place on October 1st and will run from 9-12. Children participating in the program must be 4 years of age prior to starting the program. Moreover, children must undergo a prescreening prior to beginning the program to determine their eligibility.
The program will be run by Desmond Chisholm, a doctoral student at Widener University in Reading and Language Arts and a certified Reading Specialist, and Donavan West, who holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and serves as the Chief Operating Officer at a Non-profit organization in Philadelphia.

To sign-up for the program or for additional information please submit all inquiries to or you can reach us by phone at 267-500-3729

Please welcome our new 4th Street interim principal, Ms. Margaret Mullen-Bavwidinis.
Ms. Mullen-Bavwidinsi has been an educator in Philadelphia for nearly 35 years. She acquired her B.S. is Elementary Education from Chestnut Hill College; and M.Ed. in Educational Administration from Temple University; and currently holds a Superintendent's Certificate from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvanian, which she received in 2008. She started out her career as a Grade School Teacher for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and remained there for 10 years. 
In 2009, Mullen-Bavqidinsi accepted teh position of principal of Germantown High School, overseeing the education of nearly 1,100 students. In her four years at Germantown, she brought back some old customs and instituted some new traditions to the school, utilizing the goal of "One Vision, One Voice."
In addition to being a presenter and speaker, Mullen-Bavwidinsi also is involved with many professional organizations in the field of education. In May 2002, and again in May 2005, Mullen-Bavwidinsi was awarded the Rose Lindenbaum Principal of the Year Award. Also, in spring 2007, she was nominee for the Marcus A. Foster Award, which is presenter to an outstanding School District administrator. 
Mullen-Bavwidinsi lives in Philadelphia and is a proud mother of two daughters, both of whom graduated from School District of Philadelphia high schools and earned their undergraduate degrees from Howard University in Washington, D.C. Her oldest daughter holds a B.S. in nursing and is currently teaching nursing to high school students in the School District of Philadelphia. Her youngest daughter has a B.S. in public relations and is a staff member in the campaign office of Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia. 

Reminder: School begins at 8 am for 4th and 54th Street locations, 8:15 for 59th Street


 Lab Charter is now a Friendship School and a Dream Flag School! All of Lab's 600+ students will create their own Dream Flags. Then our students will connect with their peers from different Spanish speaking and Francophone countries to share and exchange their dreams. Some classes will Skype and some will write letters to connect with these international classes. The Dream Flag Project will also connect Lab students across the three campuses and enhance our caring community of learners. Parent volunteers will be recruited to help with this important initiative! Look out for more updates on the Dream Flag Project at Lab Charter!

Notice: We are currently hiring Full Time teachers and Per Diem and Long Term Substitute Teaching Opportunities available immediately  for retired teachers or anyone with a current PA certification or emergency certification. Please forward resumes to:

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